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Hello! I am Annette P. Johnson–the FLY Coach–Guiding Women to Lead and Soar 

Certified Professional Leadership Coach and Owner of AJ Leads, LLC

Welcome! As a leadership coach and DEI consultant, I guide small businesses and non-profit organizations on their journey to build inclusive work cultures through leadership coaching, program design, individual development plans, organizational action plans, and accountability. I believe leaders are the stewards of the cultural condition of an organization and accountability rests primarily with senior leadership and people leaders.

It Would Be My Pleasure to Guide You On Your Journey

My unique and authentic approach allows me to collaborate with individuals and organizations so that they may move from where they are now to where they want to go. If you are ready for meaningful action, let's get started. My offerings include:


You are a small business or non-profit organization that is committed to cultivating an inclusive work culture where everyone is valued and has a sense of belonging. You want your leaders to be at the forefront of building a healthy work environment where all associates can contribute to the success of the organization. You are looking for customized, engaging, and empowering content with a dynamic facilitator. You want to be held accountable for your commitment. We work together to make your vision a reality – grounded in action.


You are an individual or organization looking to enhance your leadership capability. You have what it takes to be successful, but you want to be more intentional about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. You realize you have more to offer as a leader. We work together to design a coaching plan to move you from where you are to where you want to be – grounded in accountability.

"If you want to see yourself more clearly, go inward."

Annette Johnson, the FLY Coach

You May Be Wondering if We Should Work Together

We should connect if...

you are looking to maximize your leadership potential

you are an organization looking to enhance leadership effectiveness

you are interested in cultivating inclusive cultures

you want to develop a clear vision and personal mission

you are looking for a coach to guide you on your quest for more

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I Am A Woman Who Is Grateful to Do What I Love and to Love What I do–Everyday.

Throughout my life, I have met some great people, connected to exceptional mentors, and formed lasting friendships with colleagues who inspired me to become the leader I am today. Today I use my time to share three decades of experience and passion for professional development with organizations who champion leadership excellence. My mentors and coaches helped me to realize my leadership potential. They also modeled impressionable leadership qualities that inspired me. These relationships empowered me to look inward to determine the type of leader I wanted to become. I traveled the world facilitating professional development training programs. Whether in downtown Tokyo, Japan, Letterkenny, Ireland or Portland, Maine – I learned that being an effective leader is more about who you are versus what you do.

Annette P. Johnson

Speaker, Author, Certified Leadership Coach & Global Professional Development Facilitator


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